Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogs ng Pinoy

While I was checking my blog a few days ago, I noticed I already had a couple of followers. I was very glad to know that though I still have very few posts yet.

I checked one of my followers' blog, The Peregrinator. Hopping from her blog to another, one blog caught my attention. It was called Blogs ng Pinoy. I clicked on the link and I was surprised to see a very long list of blogs written by Filipinos here and abroad. It was like a list of each barangay and village around the country. The list goes from A to Z... and new ones are being added everyday. It was overwhelming indeed!

While browsing through the list, I promised myself that someday this simple blog will also be included in their list... and I will definitely work on that. Of course, you will be notified and updated when that happens.


  1. one way of promoting your blog is through exchange links and leaving comments on other blogs. followed your blog sis! =)

  2. thanks for mentioning my site...

    bakit ayaw mo magsign up sis?

  3. @miss ayen, thanks for following. :)
    @realmofadreamer, i have already submitted my site... still waiting for the feedback. :)